Blue Flex 6L Filter Complete With Accessories' Kit


The Stéfani FLEX filter is part of a new generation of filters, with harmony, transparency and practicality for all environments.
It is equipped with 1 Sterilizing Ceramic Cartridge that retains solid particles and impurities present in the water.
In addition to combining with the most varied environments, it is ideal for those who always want to have pure and healthy water. It is removable and light, its compact and resistant structure facilitates transport, being ideal for all occasions.
High quality product. Category: 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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• Transparent, allows viewing of the water.
• Lightweight and easy to handle.
• Compact, takes up little space.
• Modern and differentiated.
• Equipped with Clic tap and float that doubles the capacity of your filter (6 +6 Liters).

💧This product meets the highest safety parameters for filtering and storing tap water.


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