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METATRON Wellness Purifiers and STEFANI Purifiers is a successful partnership in the drinking water FILTERS and RESERVOIR market for food or general domestic use.
💧Having plenty of water available for drinking or cooking is fundamental for the Health and Well-being of the entire population.

💧Our main priority is to offer a practical and reliable product that can meet the needs of Families in the daily supply of Drinking Water 🚰.
💧With this responsibility, we offer to the general public the CRISTAL PLUS 8L Filter, the result of years of investments and studies in the scope of the quality of the water we drink. Technology and innovation allowed the production of a Drinking Water Filter 🚰 highly recommended for everyone, simple and practical to use, but above all economical, giving everyone the possibility to buy 🛒 and keep it functional for many years at a cost extremely advantageous maintenance.

💧CRISTAL PLUS is an extraordinary Potable Water Reservoir Filter, part of that category of essential household items for every Home.
💧METATRON Wellness, in collaboration with Indústria Stéfani Purificadores, makes available to everyone this magnificent product, synonymous with technology and daily utility, economical and versatile, so that adults and children can have Clean, filtered water (eliminates 99.9% of bacteria harmful to health) in abundance essential to our life.



ℹ️ Thanks to Indústria Stéfani, world leader in the production of Gravity and Pressure Water Filters. Pride of “Made in Brazil” in the world (present in almost 50 countries).

️*The promotion is not cumulative with existing ones.

️*The promotion is not cumulative with existing ones.

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