Assembling of the Cristal Plus Gravity Water Filter

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Our Stéfani filters are products of recognized quality and with the best cost-benefit ratio on the market since 1947.
They are equipped with a microporous filter element, also known as a “FILTER CARTRIDGE”, which provides cleaner, clearer and healthier water.
They have a float (in some models) that doubles the storage capacity of the filter, allowing to fill the upper tank (with water to be filtered) and the lower one (with already filtered water) at the same time.


1- Carefully wash all the parts making up the product only with running water before assembly. NB: only the acrylic parts can be washed with a soft sponge and neutral soap, being careful to rinse well to remove all residues.
2 – Mount the lower tank on the base. NB: ( see video with all the assembly steps on the website
3 – To position the tap, insert the sealing washer into it and insert it into the hole in the lower tank. Inside the filter, fit the other washer and the fixing nut, screwing until it is firm (do not exaggerate the pressure).
4 – Fit the sealing washer (gasket) on the filter elements (2 cartridges) and then insert them in the hole inside the upper tank. Place the other sealing washer (gasket) under the plastic cartridge nozzle, then position the retaining nut by screwing into the filter cartridge nozzle with adequate force (without overdoing it), until it is firmly seated.
5 – Position the water level adjustment floats (optional) by screwing (just enough, without the need for excessive force) on the end of the spark plug up to the adjustment, directing it so that it does not touch the filter wall.
6 – Now it is possible to assemble the filter body, joining the tanks. Place the upper tank over the lower one and finish by placing the lid. * Average assembly time: 15 ‘(easy).


The installation of the floats is optional, but with them, the CRISTAL PLUS increases the volume of the water storage capacity (8 + 8 liters).
* The installation of the filter must be in a flat, cool, ventilated and shaded place, away from direct contact with sunlight or heat sources.
* In the initial stage, the water can have a characteristic taste and odors because the filter cartridge is adapting to the characteristics of the local water, but they are not harmful to health and diminish rapidly with use.
* In the initial filtration process, small black particles of activated granular carbon may eventually be released from inside the cartridges, which settle to the bottom of the lower tank. These particles are absolutely not harmful to health.


* Discard the first 16 liters of filtered water, (the water is suitable for consumption after the third filling of the upper tank with WATER FROM THE KITCHEN TAP), it is advisable to fill the upper tank using a clean container suitable for collection water from the tap.
* To maintain water quality, it is recommended to change the filter element (cartridge) every 6 months of use or every +/- 500 liters of filtered water.
* Depending on the quality of the water used (very ferrous or laden with sediment), a reduction in flow may occur over time, indicating the need for external washing of the filter element (cartridge) or even replacement if necessary (in if you have any doubts about the use of the CRISTAL PLUS filter), enter our website: you will find our CHAT service, send us a message and we will reply as soon as possible.
* Only use original spare parts, enter our site to request them.
* To obtain the guaranteed results, use only the water served by the public network that complies with the sanitary regulations in force in your region.


* The tanks (upper and lower) and the filter element can be washed periodically (as needed) with a soft and clean sponge, using abundant, clean and fresh water (the ideal is that of the kitchen tap). Do not use sugar, salt, baking soda or chemicals to wash the filter cartridge. ATTENTION: only the acrylic parts can be washed with neutral soap in a non-abrasive sponge and rinse very well, dry only the outside of the filter with a clean cloth, the FILTER CARTRIDGE does not need to dry. (“in order”, the filter is disassembled and washed every 6 months of use).



– CAPACITY: 8 + 8 liters CARTRIDGE: 2 HEIGHT: 46 cm DIAMETER: 29.5 cm WEIGHT: 2.5 kg
– Equipped with 2 Triple Action Sterilizing Ceramic Cartridges (with Activated Carbon and Colloidal Silver) 1 Click Tap and 2 Floats.
– The CRISTAL PLUS has a superior quality, approved by Inmetro and WITHOUT BPA (Bisphenol A), regulated by ABNT 16098 Capacity in liters: 8 + 8.
– The device is ready for use with GRAVITY FILTERING ACTION. (the filtered water comes out of the cartridge in “gout to gout” mode and is deposited in the lower tank).
– Class A particle retention: retains ≥ 0.5 microns. Class C particle retention: retains from ≥ 5 to 15 µm.
– Reduction of free chlorine + bacteriological efficiency. Eliminates sediment, rust, suspended matter, heavy metals, residual chlorine, odors and bacteria in the water.
– Eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria present in the water through Colloidal Silver, transforming tap water into an ideal water for drinking and cooking for the whole family.

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