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Harmony and transparency for all environments

Cristal Plus Filter is part of a new generation of filters, with harmony, transparency and practicality for all environments. It is equipped with Sterilizing Ceramic Cartridge (Triple Action), which removes chlorine from the water, eliminates waste and retains solid particles and impurities present in the water.


Why you should buy the Cristal Plus Filter?

The CRISTAL PLUS 8L filter has superior quality, approved by Inmetro and BPA (Bisphenol A) free.

The CRISTAL PLUS FILTER is equipped with a Triple Action Sterilizing Ceramic candle that contains a colloidal silver coating and activated carbon, which in addition to reducing flavors, odors and chlorine content, eliminates 99% of the impurities present in the water.
Tap and float that doubles the filter capacity, always offers filtered and healthy water.

The design and colors make CRISTAL PLUS 8L a modern product. Its transparency, in addition to allowing the visualization of the water, gives a special touch to the environment. Extremely light and resistant, it is the most suitable filter to be carried anywhere

️*The promotion is not cumulative with existing ones.

️*The promotion is not cumulative with existing ones.

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Cristal Filter Plus offers all of these advantages at a super economic price

You will have excellent quality drinking water to drink and cook at any time (estimated useful life: 10 years)

ONLY USD 299,80


High Quality Product, in compliance with international standards for the certification of equipment to improve water quality.

💧“The CRISTAL FILTER®️ is part of the category of useful products for the health of the Planet, Bio-compatible and Eco-sustainable, for a cleaner and healthier environment, with fewer plastic bottles that poison our oceans”

[New York Times 🔲/ Euronews 🔲/ Filtered Water for Everyone®️/ Smart Environment and Save the Planet©️]

(🚚 FEDEX Express delivery in 9 working days)

High Quality 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Frequently Asked Question

✅ Excellent Value for Money. Quality filtered water for drinking and cooking every day. Easy to handle and simple maintenance. Our Filters do not need an electrical connection, simply using public water (from the tap). Fast and safe installation (see installation and maintenance video). High Performance product, made to last for many years.

✅ Our Filters have a ONE year warranty against manufacturing defects that could cause the product to malfunction.

✅ Our Filters have Filter Cartridges in Sterilizing Ceramic of very high performance.
FIRST STAGE: The water flows through the microporous ceramic wall, retaining solid particles and any micro-residues present in the water.
STEP TWO: An inner layer of Colloidal Silver sterilizes the water, leaving it free from all those harmful microorganisms to our health.
THIRD STAGE: With the presence of Active Carbon inside the Cartridge, it offers a high efficiency in the elimination of Chlorine, odors and/or any unpleasant flavors present in the water, which guarantees a crystalline and healthy water for consumption.

✅ I) – Watch the Full Filter Presentation and Maintenance Video by clicking on the LINK: “Instructions Manual” here on the Site.
II) – The quality of the cartridges depends a lot on the water that passes through the filter. • Typically in metropolitan areas, Ceramic Filter Cartridges last an average of 12 months.
III) – To keep it working properly, we recommend following the simple and practical process in the Explanatory Video.
IV) – Write down on the calendar the day the cartridge was installed to know when to change it:
• For metropolitan areas where it is assumed that public water is better monitored and of proven quality, cartridges must be replaced every 12 months of use.
• For all circumstances in which the citizen knows that the water from the public network is of dubious quality, we suggest changing the cartridges every 6 months of use.
• NB: … performing a filter maintenance wash every 2/3 months (as seen in the Instruction Video), will keep your product in optimal condition.

✅ The Fluctuation Valves make the use of the gravity filter smarter. They are high quality accessories and easy to install.
Prevents water overflow by automatically interrupting the supply from the upper reservoir to the lower one when it is already full.
Doubles the capacity of the filter, because it allows both reservoirs to be completely filled.

✅ The Sterilizing Ceramic Filter Cartridge is internally coated with Colloidal Silver nanoparticles that penetrate through the pores of the Filter Element, forming a layer with sterilizing action that is capable of eliminating 99.9% of the microorganisms harmful to human health present in the water.

✅ The Filtering and Sterilizing Ceramic Cartridge contains Activated Carbon (GAC – Granular Activated Carbon), a product of plant origin obtained from the coconut shell and used worldwide in purification systems, as it reduces odors, flavors and the chlorine present in the water.

✅ The first 16/24 liters of filtered water should not be consumed, as they are used to clean and favor the drainage of the Ceramica Cartridges. After this step you can start drinking good, healthy water.
NOTE: See Video for instructions on Filter maintenance.
NOTE: On average, after filling the Upper Reservoir with tap water (USE A PROPERLY CLEAN JUG, BOTTLE OR CONTAINER TO POUR WATER INTO THE FILTER), the filtration time takes a maximum of 2 hours.
NOTE: It is not recommended to fill directly under the faucet, this can cause slipping and damage to the filter structure, always use a clean container adapted for this function.

✅ Our preferred FAST DELIVERY partner is FedEX, in which, after verifying the payment, preparing and sending the product, the Customer will immediately receive a message on their EMAIL and/or WHATSAPP with the TRACKING CODE, thus being able to follow each step of the purchase path.
The delivery time for the USA in general is estimated at 5/7 business days, for Europe in general it is 7/9 business days, for the Middle East, Asia and Oceania it is an average of 9/11 business days.

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